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Moonstone Entertainment announces: myCinema picks up MURDEROUS TRANCE for Nationwide  US Theatrical Release in Fall 2019. Psychological Thriller explores whether hypnosis can convince one to commit murder or other crimes.


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The Guardian Angel written and directed by Arto Halonen, will be screening at the 34th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), one of the leading film festivals in the United States.

Amongst the seven chosen feature films to compete in the festival category of The Best Nordic Feature are also Land of Hope (Finland), A Moon of My Own (Sweden), In Love and War (Denmark), Let Me Fall (Iceland), Phoenix (Norway) and The Bird Catcher (Norway). The Guardian Angel premiered internationally at the esteemed Warsaw Film Festival in 2018 and the films distribution rights have been sold to 60+ countries including France, Russia, Japan, Poland and India.

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Back Towards Light tells the story of Marissa, a Finnish woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking and goes through an unimaginable journey to stay alive, get to safety and maintain her sense of self. She believes that one can find a way back into the light after a traumatic experience, if only one doesn’t hold onto the anger and resentment.

The Guardian Angel written and directed by Arto Halonen, will premiere at the Warsaw International Film Festival held in Poland 12.-21.10.2018. The festival was established in 1985 and as a part the International Federation of Film Producers Associations festivals together with Cannes, Venice and Montreal; it is one of the most significant ones in the world.

Back Towards Light will be premiered as the opening film of the Finnish Rokumentti Film Festival, and arrive to wide theatrical distribution in November.

Danish actor Pilou Asbæk will receive the first Nordic Flair Award at the 30th HIFF. The award ceremony will take place at a public event organised by the HIFF and Yle. Asbæk will be seen in 2018 in Finnish director Arto Halonen’s new film.
HIFF and Finnish Film Affair will award the Danish actor Pilou Asbæk with the Nordic Flair Award on September 21st. The award serves as a recognition of Asbæk’s brave role choices and his internationally renowned career.

Arto Halonen, known for his films Princess and A Patriotic Man, is directing a Finnish-Danish-Croatian co-production The Guardian Angel starring a cast of international actors. The male lead is played by Pilou Asbæk, an internationally rising star appearing in the sixth and the up-coming seventh season of Game of Thrones, who made his breakthrough in the critically acclaimed television series Borgen. Other significant roles are portrayed by Josh Lucas, Rade Šerbedžija, Sara Soulié, Cyron Melville, Johannes Lassen and Christopher Fulford.

White Rage has been granted the Green Rose award at Jaipur International Film Festival. The criteria for the awarded film was “film that gives a global message”. White Rage, which puts school bullying and school shootings into juxtaposition, was competing in the category of Feature Documentaries.

DOKKINO, founded by Arto Halonen, receives the State Prize for Children’s Culture

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has granted the State Prize for Children’s Culture to DOKKINO, which operates within DocPoint Film Festival. In its release, the ministry notes that after 15 years of diligent work DOKKINO has become the biggest documentary film event for children and youth in Europe. The festival now reaches up to 17 000 children and adolescents in 18 localities.

The Liberation of Skopje selected as the Macedonian entry for the Oscars


The Liberation of Skopje, a Macedonian-Croatian-Finnish feature film co-produced by Art Films production and Arto Halonen, has been selected as the Macedonian entry for the Oscars. The film is directed by a Croatian-born and famous Hollywood star, Rade Šerbedžija (for instance Mission Impossible II, Eyes Wide Shut and Before the Rain). Šerbedžija is directing the film with his filmmaker son Danilo Šerbedžija whose movie 72 Days (Sedamdeset I dva dana) was Croatian Oscar-nominee in 2012. Rade Šerbedžija, who is also seen in one of the leading roles of The Liberation of Skopje, will likewise star in Art Films production’s current work in progress, The Guardian Angel.

Princess Coming to Cinemas in France


Princess (2010), directed by Arto Halonen, will have theatrical distribution in France the coming autumn. The French Aramis Films obtained the rights for distribution of the film already in 2012. ”Princess is a Finnish film starring Finnish actors, yet touching people universally regardless of their culture. I believe that the French audience, too, will be moved by the exceptional humanity of the film”, states Marc-André Grynbaum, the director of distribution at Aramis Films. Princess will be screened with 40 copies in over 60 theaters around the country. In Paris, Princess opens at least in three cinemas.

Director Arto Halonen is going to be one of the main guests at HamLit, a new literature and music festival held in the city of Hamina on Saturday, 27th of August 2016. Second main guest is Riku Rantala, known for the documentary film series Docventures. The entire programme of the event is going to be published in week 33.

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Press release 22.5.2016 / Updated 15.7.2016

Arto Halonen’s White Rage was awarded at Millennium Docs Against Gravity film festival in Warsaw on Saturday. Millennium Docs Against Gravity, held for the 13th time this year, is one of the most distinguished documentary film festivals in Europe, attended by over 40 000 people in 2015.

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Director Arto Halonen’s White Rage, telling the story of Lauri who planned to commit a massacre at school, is continuing its international festival circulation during May and June.

Member of the Finnish Parliament, Tiina Elovaara of the Finns Party, has proposed a bill to make a legislative addition to the educational law. The bill is set to tighten the law regarding bullying at school. The aim is to alter escalated situations at schools so that instead of the one being bullied having to change schools, the bully should be transferred elsewhere. In her press release Elovaara refers to director Arto Halonen’s latest feature documentary film White Rage which deals with bullying being connected to school shootings.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland has allocated quality support for the film White Rage. On giving reason for the decision the council wrote: "An ambitiously made film describes meritoriously how violence can create violence."

Arto Halonen’s film White Rage has been selected to two important European documentary film festivals.

Rokumentti Film Festival has selected White Rage as its opening film. This will also be the film's world premiere. The screening will take place on November 11th 2015 in Joensuu and the director Arto Halonen is also present.

White Rage - website:

This is the story of Lauri, and through him the story of other victims of both school bullying and a separate childhood trauma: victims full of white rage, which may lead to school shootings and other extreme acts of violence. The film is also about our society: a society without sufficient understanding or desire to address the emergence of school violence. Lauri has proceeded on his career in psychology, become successful and reached a significant position. Yet when he was growing up he experienced extreme bullying. At two points – as a teen and again as a university student – he began to develop serious fantasies about committing mass murder. The documentary goes through Lauri's life journey; how he became a carrier of white rage and how he survived this heavy burden by recognizing it and taking to action.

The Documentary Film Festival DocsDF in Mexico City has chosen 29 best documentaries which have been screened in its 10-year history. Shadow of the Holy Book, directed by Arto Halonen is in the section of the”The best films DocsDF has screened”. The festival is the most significant documentary film festivals in Mexico and one of the leading festivals on its field. It will be organized this year on the 15th April – 24th April 2015.

Shadow of the Holy Books renowned history.